Strategic Organisation


Objectives of the Association

  • Promote India as a destination : We intend to promote India as a destination by bringing all stake holders of Medical Value Travel Business together. This will be achieved by going into new geographies from where India does not get much business as of now or gets less business compared to our competing destinations. The activities will include; Doing Road shows in Target destinations, doing exhibitions and participating in the destination shows as a country instead of individual entities.
  • Bringing the Industry together : This not only includes bring Hospitals and MVT players together but also to bring inputs from AYUSH entities, Pharma companies, equipment companies, NABH and Travel companies together.
  • Bringing standardization : Though this is a long term objective but over a period of time, this association plans to bring a process and universal approach into business. This will take place over a period of time by sharing best practices and bringing harmony between the healthcare companies. Our goal should be to make India a great destination, increase business to India and grow everyone in one way or another. The distinction will be built by quality and process.
  • Support Government Initiatives and Policy making : We will from time to time share our combined market presence and intelligence to the government. We will through a process of presentation and recommendation try to help the government grow the revenue earning as a nation and build the international credibility of Indian Healthcare system. We will show case the employment opportunities, commercial opportunities and diplomatic opportunities through the Medical Value Travel business. At the same time, we will help government implement its policies by means of training and advocating.
  • Skill Development: We would through our joint efforts will try to address the issue of Trained Manpower to do the International Business. Today the industry lacks trained manpower, forcing all companies to spend a lot of time, money and energy on training. We will through a proper channel would like to assist our group members to train their staff and hire trained manpower through this association. Those who are already doing this business will be involved in higher training programs so that they can do better business and scale new heights.
  • Data Bank Creation: Today the whole industry is looking for an analytical tool to focus their resources on right markets, right marketing tools and right utilization of their finances. Over a period of time, with the consensus of group members, we will create a data bank which can be referred to for planning purpose.
  • Grievance Redressal: The association may, on select issues of larger interests and with agreement of all parties would like to provide a platform for disputing parties to come together to arrive at consensus to build a possible solution in the best interests of all.